What Is Co-Parenthood?

Co-Parenthood is a shared-Parenting alternative to foster care. It is run by MacKillop and designed and developed alongside families and Carers. It came about because we found that when Carers and Parents worked together, restorations happened more easily and kids were happier.

The Co-Parenthood program helps families work toward better connection with children, and sometimes restoration, with the support of Carers who believe families should stay together. These Carers are willing to step in, lend a hand and help out during tough situations like this one.

Co-Parenthood is a bit different from regular foster care. Here are a few reasons why:
- Carers work together with Parents
- There is a ‘FamilyLink’, a worker who is in your corner; they’re here to answer questions and support you throughout the process.

What does participating in the ‘live prototype’ mean?

We’re developing a new way of doing foster care. A live prototype is where we introduce Parents, Children, and Carers to what this might be like for them. We want to start small and take it slow. We want a few families to give us feedback, work creatively and learn together so that we can develop a model that more families in Australia can use.

A ‘live prototype’ is a mini version of a service. It means that together we try new things and then change them to so they’re better. Things to try out could be paper booklets, different ways to hang out with your kids and the Carer, or even photos you can take home and put on the fridge. We learn from you what parts you like and what parts didn’t work. It means it might be messy sometimes, but we’re all working together to make things better for families in the long run.

What we can promise:

• There will be a team of people who care about you and will listen to you.
• There will be a Carer and a Family Link supporting you to work toward restoration.
• You’ll be a part of shaping how Co-Parenthood works for families going through a tough time.
• We’ll take your advice and suggestions seriously about how this model could work best for families • We’ll help you work toward your goals.
• It will be flexible and things may change throughout the process, and that’s okay.

Keep in mind:

• This is all supposed to be helpful for you, if you change your mind at any point you can decide not to prototype with us anymore.

• Restoration may not happen. It’s our goal, but they're a lot of thing outside of our control

• It may not always be easy, but remember we will be here to support you throughout the process