Co-Parenthood Carers: What's Required

Co-parenthood is a version of foster care where Carers work with Parents and Kids towards restoration. We're looking for a special group of carers who are interested in caring for a whole family. Co-parenthood Carers are:

Willing To Work Towards Restoration

• Want to have kids in their care short to medium term.

• Are comfortable having honest conversations with kids about the situation.

• Are comfortable speaking positively about parents, letting kids know their parents love them and are going through a tough time.


Questions To Explore

• What would be the best outcome for the kids you would foster?

• Why do you think some parents end up having their kids removed?

• How would you talk to the kids about their parents?


Willing To Work Closely With Parents

• Willing to build relationships with parents going through a tough time.

• Want to support parents to work on their goals.

• Are ready to model and coach parents in a non-judgmental way.

• Can be reliable and persistent through highs and lows.


Questions To Explore

• What has your relationship with parents been like in the past?

• How would you and your family feel about spending time with parents?

Willing To Be Part Of A Care Team

• WIlling to spend 4-8 hours per week working with the Family Link Case Worker and parents.

• Are good at creative problem solving with others.

• Able to have difficult conversations and celebrate small wins.

• Want to share what's working and what's hard with Mackillop.


Questions To Explore

• Would you be willing to share your feedback and advice on how the program could improve?

• Would you like to be part of a peer support group to learn from and to teach other carers? 

Believe In Honouring Parents & Believe Parents Can Change

• Want to keep the birthparents informed about the child's life and vice versa.

• Want to involve parents in decision making.

• Believe People Can Change.


Questions To Explore

• What do you think would be important to share with a parent about their kids?

• What decisions would you like the parent to contribute to?